25 dec. 2010


A lot of cam pics yesterday! Yesterdays christmas..wowiwawa, started of with reading magazines and PJ:s in the morning as a tradition every year. Watched Donald Duck and ate a lot of candy and crisps, then FOOD, as usuall I ate egg with kaviar and dill, some p0tatoe and home made meatballs. Then it was time for opening presents, from my parents to all the kidz we got a day/sleepover at Yusuragi. Its a massage ''temple'' you get to choice ur massage, and including breakfest, lunch, dinner, u also get to take home ur ''shoes'' and '' apron'' and you get to do alot more. Because it's VERY expencive that will be are only gift for x-mas from my parents. Afterwards we played monopol, and  recorded a funny clipp u can see on Facebook. A lot of of laughing and just enjoying the time with my family and celebrating x-mas.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så jävla snygg!
    jag hann se dawn of the dead, inte riktigt sånt jag kollar på men ska se den där juno

  2. Dawn of the Dead, en riktigt zombie klassiker! Ja ta och gör det, du ska se hur lika dem är! Hör av mig via mobil senare! :- )