24 mars 2011


This is me exhausted at work. With flash and without. Absolutely not the finest pics. But I have nothing new.
I look kinda funny I think. Well this is what I got.
I have not much to say/write. Still  so stressed, I try to keep it upp but its hard.
Well...I can't forse myself to write but hmm...I haven't had any makup on me this year! Ok well, one week I had Eyeshadow and at the speech for the Brasilian ambassedour I had some foundation. But besides that.
And..Oh yeah tomorrow Im  finally going to  met a friend! I've been so bissy! I have met three friends  on 1 ½ month's now and thats now much to me.
Tomorrows also my last day working at the shoe store. Then back to school. It has been a pleasure beeing there and I learn things everyday! Ok now back to study!


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