26 aug. 2011

Yesterday, my moms former college friend and her family came to visit our family and Sweden. They haven't seen each other for about 30 years and the family have had a dream to come to Sweden and now it has comed true.
So far the family is great, a shy and humble family. They are S00 thankful to stay at our house so they brought ALOTS of presents to us. Yesterday was like X-mas <3
When exchanhing words at dinner time we both found out how extreamly ..greatful Japaneese are, the dont take much at all for grantent. I just want to right everything iv'e learned from them now but it would be too much. Well one thing is that since all the kaos i Japan and the nuclear accident they have used whole 85 % Less electricity already, comparing to last year.
Their avarege sleeping is four to six hours a day, comparing to swedes our average is seven to eight..nine. hehe.
One of her sons is taller than avarage people in Japan, but normal in Sweden. We asked how come, and the mother said '' well, he slept alot when younger'' So mabyeeee, if Japaneese people slept a bit more during their first 20 years  of their life they could be taller...mabye, or mabye just genetic reasons.

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